Repairs Service Standards

We understand that our tenants would like to have their repairs carried out immediately, but Fresh Start Community Housing carries out a number of repairs each week and it is not always possible. We do, however, have target times dependent on the nature of the repair and its urgency.

There are three categories of repair:

Emergency (within 24 hours)

An emergency repair is one which is likely to be a danger to health or life, or which could immediately affect the safety of the building or cause further damage.

Urgent (within 5 working days)

Urgent repairs are faults causing considerable inconvenience or risk, such as roof leaks where there is no danger of flooding, electrical repairs (other than emergency repairs) to any defective electrical fittings that could be potentially unsafe, no hot water supply, or repairs to central heating.

Routine (within 20 working days)

These are all other essential repairs excluding periodic maintenance, major repairs which cost over £1,000 i.e. wash-hand basin or brackets requiring re-fixing. (A more detailed description of the target times and responsibilities for repairs are contained within the repairs handbook, which has been distributed to all of our tenants.)