Policy Advice & Research

With 11 years of experience at a grassroots level developing specialist housing and training support for refugees and migrants, Fresh Start Community Housing now offers consultancy services to a variety of partner organizations. These include projects in the UK, Europe and Africa.

Since 2016 we have been focused on the development of our integration service, and are now partners in, or lead on £2.25m worth of research projects, and are cited as delivery partners on 4 recent ESRC submissions with Aston, Bristol and Northampton Universities.

We are currently in the process of enhancing our CRM system to reflect our role in this research, and our own focus groups and to embed the findings into the delivery of our service across 3 cities.

Our database, and associated processes, will be redesigned in 2019 to reflect our own need to capture significantly more data on those progressing through our service. This will meet the following needs:-

  • Service improvement – enhancing and improving service across social, civic and economic dimensions
  • Business intelligence – determining the characteristics of individuals to identify requirements for training, support services and readiness for progression onto employment pathways within the local labor markets of Wolverhampton, Bristol and Birmingham
  • Informing UK Refugee and Asylum Policy – We will hold a unique dataset which details the impact of previous interventions on an individual, their requirements to progress integration economically, socially and civil.